Hand Lettering & Typography, The Sean McCabe Way

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Google Fonts, Microsoft Fonts, Dafonts, online fonts, mega downloads… it was such a pleasure to happen across Sean McCabe and his beautiful hand lettering in amongst all the mechanization. And what lovely lettering it is.

But wait, there’s more to Mr McCabe than just a pretty font. He teaches typography and hand lettering, he tells us about the writing instruments he uses, he goes into great detail about the equipment he uses to make his podcasts, he explains how he got 500,000 views on Reddit in 24 hours (and includes some great tips on how to go about doing that), and he sells stuff on his website.

We particularly like the way he has managed to create a slightly quirky online persona without becoming drab and daggy. It’s rare to find lettering, quirkiness, stylishness and coolness all in the one package.

Here is a sample of his work:

All images courtesy of seanwes.com.

Lastly, McCabe and some of his friends talk about aspects of our online culture in, The “Like” Drug: Focusing on What Matters in a World of Followers & Like Counts.

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