Top 10 Best Gifts For Men

10. Rechargeable Solar Lantern

Along with the Swiss Army knife and Zippo lighter, this is an apocalypse necessity, allowing you to safely and comfortably spend time in the wild, knowing exactly what’s going on around you when the sun goes down and the dangerous critters of the night come out to play. Practical outdoors and also a bonus if there’s a blackout and you are without electricity at home. It has to have a solar charging capability though. We men have to be able to go off the grid if we need to.

solarlantern solarlantern2 solarlantern3


9. Thick Cotton Bathrobe

This is something that we are not going to buy for ourselves but once we have one it will change our lives (and yours). We will suddenly feel like adding product to our hair, trimming our nails regularly and keeping our stubble nice and neat. More importantly we will start washing regularly. Potentially a few times a day. We will start acting like Cary Grant or George Clooney and might even buy you some flowers. White is good but black is a daring option. Cotton towelling or perhaps silk if you live in a hot climate. You will need to wash it for us occasionally though. Make sure you use a fabric softener in the rinse so it feels oh so soft and nice when we put it around our broad shoulders.

bathrobe bathrobe_black bathrobe_silk


8. John Wayne DVD’s

He was all man and could pack a punch. He could be as gruff as an old bear but he had a sense of humour and was fair to friend and foe alike. He nearly licked the big ‘C’. He was a gentleman. That’s how he was on-screen in any case and that’s how we’ll remember him. “I ain’t gonna hit ya. I ain’t gonna hit ya. Like hell I ain’t!”. There’s something about the swagger, the straight up ‘what you see is what you get’ personality and the glint in the eye that all men admire. If you can’t find any John Wayne, some early Clint Eastwood will also do the trick.

john_wayne john_wayne2 John Wayne

7. Swiss Army Knife

Man’s best friend and capable of fixing just about anything that goes wrong in the great outdoors, and most things indoors as well. Scaling a fish, building a cabin, repairing a car, the Swiss Army knife does it all. The only problem with this gift is that it’s low tech and it’s small. It doesn’t have a remote control, a solar charger or a digital display and once it’s in the mans pocket it’s like there was nothing there in the first place. Perhaps add a belt pouch so your man can wear it proudly where all can see. Don’t get an imitation. If it doesn’t have the white cross on it, it’s not a Swiss Army knife.

swiss_army_knife swiss_army_knife1 swiss_army_knife2


6. Hardware Store Voucher

This is a good mens gift if he already has a lot of stuff and you are a bit stuck on what to buy him. A gift voucher is exciting because the big hardware chains have such an enormous range of products that the possibilities are almost endless. Best of all, the man gets to spend as much time as he likes walking up and down the aisles browsing and checking out all the latest things. There’s no shame in giving a gift voucher.

giftvoucher Hardware store1 hardware_store


5. Socks And Jocks

At face value this seems like a really poor choice of gift for your man, but believe me, we love new jocks and socks. Like most clothes, we don’t like buying them but once we have them we feel like a new person. Jocks get a bit old, stretched and tatty and there’s nothing like putting on a brand spanking new pair with the latest design and colours to make us feel sexy again. We might even choose to have the label showing above our pants, although that’s an option many of us won’t take up. There are plenty of styles from the traditional ‘y-fronts’ to boxers and even thongs. Socks are more utilitarian and slightly less exciting than the jocks, but equally important. Go brash and get some outrageous colours.

mens underwear mens boxer shorts brand_name_underwear_men_in_underwear_A_F_cheap_underpants_briefs_mens_underwear


4. Zippo Lighter

Even if the man doesn’t smoke, having a lighter that is indestructible, that will light in any conditions and last for a lifetime means that if the apocalypse happens and he is forced to take to the hills he will at least be able to light a fire to keep you warm and cook the food that he will inevitably catch. Apart from the practical aspects of having such an important tool, this is a design icon. You will be able to find one that reflects his personality and even have it personalised with his name or a special message. A classic mens gift.

zippo_lighter zippo_lighter1 zippo_lighter2


3. Good Quality Wallet

If a man has no wallet, or a tatty old thing that is past its used by date, this is a great male gift. There is something very grown up about having a good wallet in the back pocket of your jeans or the inside pocket of your sports jacket. Yes, anything that helps us men feel a bit more grown up than we really are is a good thing. A traditional black or brown leather wallet is a safe option, but don’t discount the new groovy coloured types. A waterproof one would be a great choice if the man is an outdoorsy type. Avoid wallets with zips though. Purses have zips, not wallets. Also avoid large wallets, particularly those with a wrist band. That’s getting way too close to a hand bag. The man-bag has never caught on and never will. Stick with something a man can put in a pocket.

wallet3 wallet2 wallet


2. Remote Control Car

There is something about a remote control car, helicopter, plane or boat that has a magnetic attraction to males. We absolutely love them and would happily play with them all day long. Speed is the most important factor for one of these gifts. They must go fast. Slow is not an option, particularly if it’s a car. Other than that, bigger is also better but we can handle a small toy if you have limited storage space. Colour and other features are almost irrelevant (although red is always a safe choice). Excited!

remote_car remote_boat remote_plane


1. Quality Casual Shirt

Guys find it difficult to buy shirts. We don’t know what’s cool and we have no idea what things look like on us, and while we say we don’t care how we look, deep down we do. We want to look good but we need your help. With a good quality casual collared shirt in our wardrobe, short sleeve or long sleeve, we feel more confident. We feel better prepared to go out into the world and match it with other well dressed men. We feel worthy of taking you out. We feel complete. Even if we already have good quality shirts, after a while they don’t feel so special. We need a new one. Please buy me a shirt!

shirt4 shirt5 shirt6

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