Top 10 Best Pick Up Lines

We all need a hand when it comes to approaching the opposite sex for the first time. Introducing yourself without looking like a complete idiot isn’t easy. Luckily help is at hand. Here are some one liners that will make the whole process a walk in the park.

10. What Pick Up Line

What pick up line works best on you?

9. I’ve Been Blinded

Hey, I’ve just been blinded by your beauty. Can I have your name and number for my health insurance claim.

8. Breakfast

What do you like for breakfast?

7. Lost My Phone

Can you call my phone for me, I can’t find it anywhere.

6. Let’s Do This

I’ve just got out of prison. You’re the first woman I’ve seen. Let’s do this.

5. It’s Just Beauty

You’ve got something on your face. Oh, don’t worry, it’s Beauty.

4. Cuddle Me If I’m Wrong

Cuddle me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Gunter?

3. Make Me A Sandwich

I’ll buy you a drink and then you can come home with me and make me a sandwich.

2. I’d Have A Dollar

If I had a dollar for everyone I’d seen as beautiful as you, I’d have a dollar.

1. My Mediterranean Villa

You know, I think your eyes are the same colour as my Mediterranean villa.


These pick up lines apply pretty much to males trying to pick up females. What about a female who wants to pick up a male? Luckily for females it’s a bit easier. Try “Hi, I’m –inset your first name–.”


Top 10 Best Pick Up Lines


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