Top 10 Best Toilets in the World

This isn’t a list about whacky, expensive or weird toilets, which is what you might expect to find on a list site. It’s a list about actual toilets that you would consider buying. I can’t exactly work out why it ended up like that but there you go, the world of real toilets turned out to be fascinating enough without having to resort to weird stuff (mostly). A case of fact being stranger than fiction perhaps.

10. Roca Khroma

The Spanish firm Roca takes the marketing for the Khroma in a slightly different direction to the standard plugs. It is particularly interested in colour and texture. Well we do have to look at the toilet from time to time and if it’s nice to the touch then all the better.

The Austrian designer Erwin Leo Himmel was involved in this design and he’s done a very good job. It’s a good looking toilet. I like the colours. The texture thing I’m not sure about. I like my toilets in the traditional porcelain, ceramics and really hard plastics.

It doesn’t have any automation, so really it’s a standard loo. Just a very good one.

Here’s how the full crimson colour matched bathroom set might look in your bathroom.

Image courtesy of


9. Geberit AquaClean 8000

This is a good looking toilet and has a great shower function. It does lack some of the features the top end toilets give us but if you’re after the things that really matter in a good design at an affordable price this may well be the loo for you.

What I particularly like about this loo is the bathrooms that people put it in. If this is the bathroom I wonder what the rest of the house looks like. And what colour Aston Martin I have.

Image courtesy of


8. Don’t Miss A Sec

As far as the best toilets go, this is certainly unique. If you like your privacy then this public toilet in London is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you are a daring sort it could be quite a bit of fun.

It is an installation by the Venice-born, London artist Monica Bonvicini and is intended to reflect on our seemingly insatiable need to ‘not miss anything’. Well this guy won’t have any trouble seeing what’s going on around him.
Image courtesy of and Monica Bonvicini.
Image courtesy of and Monica Bonvicini.

7. Inax Satis

Inax’s second entry, made necessary because it can be operated by Bluetooth. When this model was release the security code for the Bluetooth couldn’t be changed from the factory setting of 0000. It was therefore possible that someone could operate the loo remotely. Make it flush while you are sitting on it for example. Not a major issue given the range of Bluetooth but if you had a prankster in the house it could be a bit unsettling.

With or without the Bluetooth this is a very good toilet. The seat will lift and shut automatically, the flush will happen all by itself, it will play you some music, has a deodorizer and provides soft lighting for those night time trips.

This toilet is designed to use water direct from the mains so no tank is required. Very efficient.

The shower and drying function is excellent with a water massage option if you need to relax. Where better to do that.


6. What’s a Loo Without a View?

If you’re out and need to use the bathroom and you find the urinals with a view like this, it just makes the whole outing that much more exciting. This is at Europe’s tallest building, The Shard London Bridge, an 87 storey ‘vertical city’ in London that boasts apartments, restaurants, hotel and offices. And loos with views.


5. Nero Ceramica Aliseo

This Nero design makes the list purely because it’s such a great looking toilet. You do have to swap over to the bidet to shower, which is a bit old hat these days. Nevertheless, if a wall-hung loo is what you want there are none better looking than the Aliseo.



4. Inax Regio

The Regio, finished in noble black, is a great looking loo and I just love the way it’s presented on their website – Inax website. Having a toilet in your study is handy if you work in the study a lot, but… Hold on, maybe this is what bathrooms will look like in the future. Why not? Plenty of books to read, maybe dictate a memo.

Anyway, the Regio really is a great design and this color is really something different. It has all the standard functions for this level of toilet including automatic up and down lid, automatic flush, heated seat, deodorizer, wash and dry functions, music and night light.

It seems to be missing the warm floor for your feet function, but what it does have that may be even better is a very, very, very quiet flushing system. It must be incredibly cool to live with a toilet that doesn’t alert the world to that fact that you’ve just used it.

Here’s another bathroom setting that’s pretty cool. Ponder what shoes you are going to wear that day.
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3. Duravit Starck SensoWash

If the famous French designer Philippe Starck gets involved with the design of a toilet you can bet he’s done his homework and picked the right crowd to do it with. Duravit clearly had an approach and a goal with this toilet that Starck was happy to buy into, or rather, be bought into.

The design is certainly very clean and has a nice balance although it’s not as cutting edge as might be expected. Or perhaps not being cutting edge is part and parcel of coming up with a design classic.

There’s a visible hose attachment that is external to the toilet. It definitely detracts from the clean lines. Perhaps that’s just the installation I saw and you have the option of hiding this bit of plumbing away somewhere.

The toilet has all the latest functions including remote control lift, drop and heated seat, inbuilt wash and dry functions, night-light and deodorizer. The remote can remember two settings, one for him and one for her. That’s a nice touch.

Check out this video of the release party of the SensoWash Starck on NYC. Really, everyone walking around drinking champagne looking at toilets. They love the SensoWash and they love Philippe Starck.


2. Toto Neorest 700H

Toto have been designing and building toilets for a long time and the Neorest series demonstrates this experience very nicely. It’s an elegant, modern design. Not too angular or try-hard. A good looking toilet.

The 700H is the top of the line Neorest and is fully featured including an automatically opening and closing lid, hands-free flush, temperature controlled seat, air purifier, night light and a remote control.

It also has Toto’s ‘ewater’ system which uses electrolyzed water before and after use. This moistens the surface of the bowl before use making the flushing process more effective. Electrolyzed water has similar properties to bleach so really helps to keep the toilet clean. There are no added chemicals.

This is a very water-wise toilet using only 1 GPF (gallons per flush for those of you not in the know).

It doesn’t warm the floor in front of the toilet though. An oversight that will no doubt be remedied in the next release.

A great toilet and another luxury bathroom to put it in.

Image courtesy of


1. Kohler Numi

The Kohler Numi is really something. Even the website introducing the toilet makes me want to sit on it. With views of Los Angeles and a model in my living room, why wouldn’t I want to use the Kohler Numi?

Fair enough, the design is pretty cool, particularly if you like angles. As they say, it looks modern. Well actually it looks a bit like a ceramic box, but it is modern. It senses that you’re in the room and opens the cover automatically. I’m not sure how it knows that you don’t just want to clean your teeth, but I’m sure there’s a setting somewhere for that.

The Kohler Numi also senses motion at the ‘floor level’ and raises the seat at that point. I guess if you’re a guy that’s great. If you’re a woman then you’re going to have to creep up on it. I guess there’s a setting somewhere for that to.

The inbuilt washing and drying process uses a rather dangerous looking ‘wand’ that comes out the back of the loo to do its thing. Adjustable water pressure and temperature of course, but also ‘pulsate’, ‘oscillate’ and ‘wave’ options. Sounds like fun.

A heated seat, music and deodorizer are expected at this level. So is the night-light in the form of illuminated panels at the back of the toilet. What’s a bit different about these lights is that you can select the color of the light, and you can set a colour for each day of the week. It will probably take a little while to memorize, but it would be really handy to know what day it is when you get up each morning and go to the bathroom.

The one thing the Numi does that none of the others do is warm the floor in front of the toilet. A vent at the front of the toilet blows hot air onto your cold Italian marble tiles. No more cold feet. Now that’s thinking outside the square.

Watch it opening and closing here.



If you don’t want to outlay the money for a toilet with an inbuilt wash function, that is, you’re sticking with paper, then all is not lost in the luxury stakes. Get some very special toilet paper from Renova.


Top 10 Best Toilets in the World


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