Top 10 Cute Animals

Cute animals? Yes, the world is full of cuteness and it’s not always the babies or the soft and furry little creatures that hit our cuteness radar (but mostly it is).

We think cute animals give us a lift and feel good and we think these are some of the cuddliest things around.

10. Owl Family

Owls are soft and kinda fluffy but generally not that cute. Except for fake owls. In this instance we thought the real owls were so cute cuddling up under a fake owl that a top 10 spot was warranted. Keep you under my wing.



9. Puppy

The eyes, the fluffy coat, the stance, it’s one big bundle of cute. But the thing that really caught our attention was his smile. Dogs can do it like no other animal. This guy is definitely giving the camera the best happy smile ever.



8. Polar Bear Cub

Yep, he’ll grow up to be a ruthless killer, but in the meantime he has us all drooling over his fluffy good looks and harmless, I’m about to pounce on a piece of ice, stance.


7. Elephant Calf

An elephant is arguably not that cute. But when a calf is frolicking around the sand without a care in the world it’s really, really hard not to feel that this is one of the cutest things around.



6. Cow

People who know cows know that they are some of the most delightful, inquisitive and friendly creatures on earth. Little wonder there are more vegetarians than ever. Yep, you can graze at my place any time you like.

fish eye shot of cow 455010


5. Frog

We desperately wanted something that wasn’t furry in the top 5 and this adorable little frog fits the bill perfectly. Does he think we can’t see him? If he wasn’t so delicate we’d just squeeze him to bits.



4. Lamb

He may have been cuter just standing still and staring at us, but we think watching him have fun and bounce around the paddock adds greatly to his cuteness. Dance like there’s nobody watching.



1. Penguin Chick

Number 1 so early?! We’ll leave it to you to pick the next three apart. Standing around in the cold must become totally worthwhile once mum and dad see their little bundle of joy peeking out from between their feet.



1. Kitten

This gorgeous, fluffy ball of cuteness could probably have been number one on his own, all warm and backlit. Are you going to pat me or what? Just do it gently.



1. Panda

Panda Bears have a built-in sad face that was always going to place them somewhere near the top of our list, but this little fella just took the cake with his pleading cow eyes and irresistible big, white head. He wants a cuddle and that’s all there is to it.



Top 10 Cute Animals

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