Top 10 Funny TV Commercials

TV Commercials are a great platform for comedy and when they are done well they leave a lasting impression. The truly great funny TV commercials not only have a good concept, they nail the execution and like all comedy it’s the delivery that makes it work.

10. Centraal Beheer

Nice concept really well executed that not only delivers on the obvious outcome but also treats us to encore. Centraal Beheer do really, really funny commercials!

9. Yellow Pages

He’s a cruel uncle but ends up redeeming himself with a clever plan that gets him out of trouble and delivers a memorable monologue.

You’re very, very nice people!

8. TurboTax

The link between the content of this commercial and the product its selling might be tenuous, but Sean is the real deal and that’s what tax needs, a bit of dancing.

7. Toyota

What starts as a normal day quickly turns into total bedlam as our couple get ready to go to work. Luckily the RAV4 provides a safe haven. Thanks Toyota.

6. Mercedes Benz

When the long pause is done right it adds a whole new level of gravitas to the punchline and this ad does it in style. A very funny play on the dumb blonde routine.

5. Trojan Condoms

Sometimes you just get lucky. The counterpoint of the man running out of the house for what you think is one reason only for it to turn out to be the complete opposite reason is beautiful. A very funny series of commercials.

4. Jockey

Love it. When you start watching this commercial you wonder what it’s about and slowly it dawns on you. Once you know, the vision takes on a whole new meaning. Very funny.

3. Old Spice

Quick, clever, engaging and very, very funny. Old Spice are renowned for their funny commercials and this is an absolute beauty. An oldie but a goodie.

2. Heineken

The storyline is clever but it’s the unrestrained joy from the men when they find the beer that is totally infectious. We dare you to try not to laugh.

1. Volkswagen

A good old fashioned Rastafarian stereotype overlaid on a dry and humourless Monday morning at work. It’s done to perfection. How could we not be happy in our Beetle?



What’s funny about this Viagra commercial is not the content, it’s just a guy sailing a yacht, but listen to the list of warnings about the use of the drug that the manufacturer has to read out.

Scary stuff.


Top 10 Funny TV Commercials

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