Top 10 Most Innovative Hotels In The World

Top 10 Most Innovative Hotels In The World

A smart watch on our hand, an iPad to navigate around and an Xbox 720 with a finest curved screen LED TV in our room. What more can we ask for while our short visits to the city we love. Top that all up with a robot knocking on your door to deliver a bottle of Champagne, add them all up and we would get the most futuristic Hotels In the world.

As our team tries to compile together a list of most innovative hotels in the world, we realized that the idea that robots can replace humans in the future is closer to reality than science fiction, and we hope to demonstrate the same to you.

Our team is committed to identify new technological and scientific advances, and thus we thought to write about the Top 10 most innovative hotels in the World.

10.Yotel (New York)

Inspired by the luxury provided by first class seats of the British Airways flight, Owners of Yotel had spent years staying in boring and expensive hotels and decided to do something about it.

Situated very close to Times Square the main attractions of the city, is Yotel. As soon as we enter Yotel we get the feeling of science fiction. The reason is the robot that greets the new guests and handles luggage of the guests till the set point. Because of Yotels unique and futuristic design we mark it as the number 10 on our list.

9.Hotel 1000 (Seattle)

The rooms in Hotel 1000 feature a modern system of infrared sensors that detect body heat of guests and inform the staff if the room is occupied, so that they don’t bother. It also has a virtual golf course and a system of water treatment and recovery plant. This hotel is ideal for business travelers, as here the technology meets all their needs and thus because of its suitability to businessmen we mark Hotel 1000 as our number 9.

8.The Torch (Doha)

Torch Doha is 300 meters high and has 360° panoramic views across Doha, The Torch is haven for discerning visitors, from sports enthusiasts and business leaders to health and wellness seekers.

The iconic hotel in Doha is spread across 51 floors with rooms and suites featuring a unique iPad which is used for requesting room service, adjust lighting system in 12 different colors and Interactive LED TVs.

Torch Doha is currently the tallest hotel in Qatar, and due to its dedication towards innovation we mark Torch Doha as the number 8 on our list for most Futuristic hotels in the world.

7.Aloft Cupertino (California)

Aloft Cupertino is perfectly situated in the heart of Cupertino, nestled between Apple Headquarters and many other major tech corporations. The Cupertino Aloft hotel has a very special steward ALO Botlr, a robot that offers concierge services and is responsible, among other things, to deliver the amenities in the rooms. The rooms are equipped with screens of Apple and around the hotel there are motifs that refer to technology.

Because of it being perfectly situated near major tech corporations and its technological motifs we mark Aloft Cupertino as the number 7 on our list for most innovative hotels in the world.

6.Blow Up Hall 5050 (Poznan)

This boutique hotel is an artistic experiment that combines luxury and technology, where every detail was designed to give unique experiences to its guests. Upon entering the hotel, the guest becomes a “work of art” as their image is projected on the floor and walls. Blow Up Hall 5050 is the number 6 on our list for most innovative hotels in the world.

5.Bella Sky Comwell (Copenhagen)

The hotel has an ultra-modern Scandinavian design Two towers pretend to be a couple dancing. It is ideal for meetings and has 28 rooms equipped with the latest technology. Bella Sky Comwell has 23 floors, 812 rooms, conference facilities and is unquestionably one of the most aesthetic hotels in the North. Because of its unique design Bella Sky Comwell comes as the number 5 on our list for most innovative hotels in the world.

4.Mama Shelter (Paris)

It is one of the most trendy and chic hotels in Europe. Among the technological innovations include touch screens in the hall where you can view information about the city, the area of business with Apple computers and meeting rooms equipped with 4 LCD screens and Bose sound system.

Situated in the fashion capital of the world “Paris”, the city where everything happens and while you are in Paris you needn’t bother about looking anywhere else for the accommodation than Mama Shelter. A technology focused hotel in the fashion capital of the world we mark Mama Shelter as the number 4 on our list for most innovative hotels in the world.

3.Eccleston Square (London)

Historical on the outside yet timeless on the inside, Eccleston Square Hotel is an elegant fusion of old meets new. Behind its doors lies an ultra-modern hideaway, an ‘urban cocoon’ with cutting-edge technology in every room. High ceilings and enormous original windows dominate throughout the building, Murano glass chandeliers and Promemoria furnishings provide a tasteful yet sumptuous feel to the public areas which include a reception, drawing room, media lounge, bar and restaurant.

So much more than just a luxury London boutique hotel, Eccleston Square, is a complete experience, an ultra-modern hideaway, with cutting-edge technology in every room. Eccleston Square is the number 3 on our list for most innovative hotels in the world.

2.Hard Rock Ibiza (Ibiza)

The Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza boasts one of the finest collections of personal items of major rock stars, and pioneered the introduction of wearable technology. The hotel has created the smart bracelet, designed for guests and you can open your room, access to different areas of the hotel, pay any product, make express check-out, and even update your social profiles on the screens spread across the establishment. Despite being one of the finest hotels in the world, Hard Rock Ibiza makes number 2 on our list for most innovative hotels in the world and you would see why after you have read the last one.

1.NH Eurobuilding (Madrid)

Hotel’s Interior NH Eurobuilding Madrid Collection features an authentic visual spectacle that is projected on the dome of the building, the hotel’s 300m² semi-transparent indoor LED Vault screen – the largest one in the world installed in a hote. Hotel has also included 4 Living Lab Rooms, where clients will test new technologies where guests can test the latest technologies applicable to the world of hospitality.

The NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding hotel is a stylish retreat in the city’s financial district. Over the years the building has housed everything from Madrid’s first Michelin-star restaurant to Microsoft’s headquarters. Re-opened on September 1st 2014 it unveiled a brand-new, ultra-contemporary look. We mark NH Eurobuilding (Madrid) as the most innovative hotel in the world.





Above list focuses on the Hotels that are committed to technological advances and although there may be hotels that are better in other area’s such as Service to Guests, Food and ambience yet they didn’t make our list the reason being simple that we don’t consider them to be as focused to technology as the Hotels listed above.


Top 10 Most Innovative Hotels In The World

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