Top 10 Most Probable Ways For The End Of The World

We all know that our beloved earth, the little blue planet with vast Oceans and Land space would one day end. Our Planet plays survival game every day against the aggressive Universe. So far our planet has managed to win the battle or should we say delay the defeat from past 4.6 billion years. But however many science advances we have made we cannot avoid the inevitable. In fact many of new science discoveries point to one thing that we don’t want to hear, “The End Of The World”.

Our team tries to compile the list of most probable ways the world would end. So let’s figure out the ways for the world to end. Starting from least probability we would build our way to one thing that is inescapable, and yes you guessed it by now it’s “the end”.

10. Asteroids

History has a way of repeating itself, and we all know what happened to dinosaurs 65 million years ago. A massive asteroid the size of Isle of White hit the Planet Earth in Mexico. This sent a vast flume of dust into the atmosphere. It unleashed a torrent of powerful earthquakes and triggered forest fires across North America, blocking out the sun and wiping out half of all species. And researchers have found a new asteroid which first became infamous in 2002 when astronomers estimated it had a one in 300 chance of hitting the planet on 16 March, 2880. However, the odds of a collision were later revised to a more reassuring one in 4,000. A person being stuck by lightning has a probability of one in 12000.

While a direct impact may not result in the end of the world but the consequences of an asteroid collision would make our planet Uninhabitable.


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9. The Orbital perturbations

Our earth has a great balance of atmospheric conditions which are needed for sustainable life, a slight change in its balance and we wouldn’t have any living form on earth at all. Our earth revolves around sun in an elliptical orbit whose trajectory is defined mainly by Suns gravitational force. A slight variation in Earth’s Orbit can increase or decrease the orbital distance from earth. If the force is sufficiently strong earth can also completely leave Suns Orbit and send us into the darkness of space. An increase in Earth’s orbit can freeze the entire planet to death and a decrease can burn us all alive.

So what external forces cause such catastrophe, the answer to it is one of the biggest discoveries of recent times “Black Holes”. Researchers estimates that our Milky way has an approximately 10 Million such Black holes, which can move across our galaxy and if a Black hole comes sufficiently close to our solar system it could cause a haywire in our solar system, Orbital Perturbations are just some of the byproducts.

As it is very difficult to identify Black holes thus such Phenomenon cannot be predicted, and our earth could be decades away from destruction. Because of the destructive nature of Black holes and its unpredictability we mark this as our number 9 in our list for the ways the world could end.

The Orbital perturbations

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8. The Radiation bursts

Our earth is constantly being bombarded from all parts of Universe by massive Gamma ray radiations, these radiations are so powerful (10 quadrillion times the power of our Sun) that without Earth’s atmosphere we would be exposed directly to these radiations and there by dying of Skin Cancers. These radiation are believed to be originating from dying stars that are extremely distant thus our atmosphere is able to protect us from its calamitous effect, however we have very little understanding of these radiations that if such an event was to occur sufficiently close to earth then we would have no warning signs to prepare, because of the frequent bombardment of Gamma ray radiations we cannot rule out that this event could not occur in our neighborhood thus we have marked this as a number 8 way for the end of the world.

The Radiation bursts

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7. Wake Up it was all a dream

Are we living inside a computer simulation that fools us into believing that we are real? This is an age old question that was the core concept behind major blockbuster movie The Matrix. With great advances in analytics we are constantly trying to create simulations that can constantly experiment real world scenarios.

What if a civilization so advanced may have already created a simulation that runs inside a computer program that is as real as ours, and what if it is us that are the simulation, there would be no way for us to determine if we are computer simulation unless our creator gets up and shuts down the computer.

In the fourth century B.C., Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu framed the question in more poetic terms. He described a vivid dream. In it, he was a butterfly who had no awareness of his existence as a person. When he awoke, he asked: “Was I before Chuang Tzu who dreamt about being a butterfly, or am I now a butterfly who dreams about being Chuang Tzu?”

While waking up from the dream won’t be the end of the world, it would surely be the end of the world as we know it.

Enough Philosophy let’s get back to the threats that we can See or Observe.

Wake Up it was all a dream

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6. Earth’s magnetic field Reversal

While this is still debatable but many believe from historic evidences that earth reverses its magnetic field every few hundred thousand years. Last such reversal is believed to have occurred 780,000 years ago, so we may be overdue. Evidently our Earth’s magnetic field has decreased 5% in past hundred years.

Earth’s magnetic field along with Ozone layer protects us from Sun Storms and other deep space subatomic particles. And during the magnetic field reversal there comes a time of about 100 years when the magnetic field disappears before it reverses its North and South poles. Without Earth’s magnetic field we would be exposed to Solar storms which would result in the destruction of life on earth. Because of some historic events in the past and recent reduction in Earth’s magnetic fields we mark this as the number 6 way for the end of the world.

Earth's magnetic field Reversal

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So far we have talked about massive objects like Black Holes and Stars now let’s give microorganisms a chance to kill us all.

5. Epidemics

The black plague killed a quarter of Europe’s population during 14th century. Ebola virus hasn’t caused as many deaths as black plague but it has a mortality rate of more than 90%. Similarly HIV has caused equal causalities as the black Plague during 80s.

With advances in science we are able to identify and prevent many of Viral epidemics, but growingly many germs are becoming insensitive to our antibiotics, which creates a great possibility that a an airborne virus (similar to cold) will take up a form that would be impossible to cure, killing of majority of all the species on Earth. Because of number of different Viral diseases identified recently, we mark this way to kill majority or all the species on earth as number 5th way for the end of the world.


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4. World War

United States alone has 7300 Nuclear weapons. Russia has as many or probably more than US. With reduction in resources and several Political and Geographical conflicts like Russia and Ukraine for Crimea, Israel and Philistine for Gaza and India and Pakistan for Kashmir. The danger for an all-out war looms on our heads and with so many nuclear weapons around the globe a third world war can kill majority of all forms of life on the planet earth. An all-out nuclear war would surely result in the end of the world.

World War

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3. Solar storms

Based on several researches it has been found that the normal looking stars like our sun can suddenly become as much as 20 brighter also known as stellar flickers. Currently our Earth’s magnetic field and Ozone layer protects us from mild solar activities but a brief period of stellar flickers on sun can fry up our entire planet in no time at all.

While too much of solar activity can fry up our planet, too little of it can send us through to the next Ice age (Remember the famous dialog from Game of Thrones “Winter is coming”). It is known that 17 out of past 19 cold periods on earth coincide with decreased solar activities. In fact in mid of past century people were more scared that earth will freeze then Global Warming.

Solar storms

Image from BBC


2. Global Warming

Global temperatures are rising and it is evident from several scientific results that we are mostly to blame for. Global Warming is the phenomenon that is believed to be caused by release of Greenhouse Gases into our atmosphere which trap the Heat reflected from Earth into our atmosphere resulting in global rise in temperatures.

Effects of global warming are sever in the sense that with increase in global temperature the Polar ice caps are melting resulting in release of vast amount of fresh water into seas. This results in increase in sea levels. Global Warming has many implications from catastrophic level 4 and above Cyclones to extreme climatic changes. Some of the recently observed Cyclones are believed to be a direct result of Global Warming.

Global Warming

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Even though Global Warming has already began to impact our lives still it is not our most probable way for the end of the world, you will see why after you have read the last one.

1. The Sun

It is a known fact that all the stars in our Universe have some time period after which they simply run out of gas, our sun is no different. When the stars run out of fuel they begin to collapse under their own weight. Once our sun has burned enough fuel our entire solar system would collapse. While this might not be due until next few billion years but it is something that is inevitable.

The probability that the end of the World would occur with the end of the sun is 1 in 9 (Where 9 being the other factors that would destroy our world) in other words if we survive through 10th to 2nd way of the end of the world than we would definitely not survive the collapse of our Sun.

The Sun

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Many of us remember the movie “Butterfly Effect”, its poetic, the notion that the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil can set off a cascade of atmospheric events that, weeks later, spurs the formation of a tornado in Texas.

In recent times because of over exploitation of landscape by humans an average 100,000 species disappear every year.

If all the bees vanish we won’t have any pollinators that would result in severe shortfall food resources which could also disrupt the global ecological system that could result in the end of the world.


Top 10 Most Probable ways for The End Of The World

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