Top 10 Websites Selling Geek Gifts

Top 10 Websites Selling Geek Gifts




This UK site has a nice fresh feel and a good range of products, particularly for kids and teens. It’s nicely set out and the products look a cut above the ordinary. Some nice unique stuff here.

Website: Cheerful and bouncy. Nice work.
Gender Bias: Kids
Great for: Music, toys, games and good stuff for home and the office.

OddProduct: Haha! This is a real classic; a pair of Bluetooth gloves (mittens) that connect wirelessly to your mobile phone. They incorporate an answer and hang up button, a microphone in the thumb and a speaker near the wrist. When your phone rings you just lift your hand to your ear and answer the call. Talk to the hand. Great for cold climates of course, but I can see these being worn all year round. Very cool. Check them out Here




This is a genuine Japanese retailer and it’s interesting to see what sort of products they stock. It’s definitely female biased which is a nice change, and they have a good range of gadgets, beauty stuff, fashion stuff, audio, watches and quite a bit more

Website: Easy to browse by category, price or for him, her, kids, home and so on.
Gender Bias: Female.
Great for: Buying things that consumers buy in Japan.

OddProduct: Welcome to the Age-ru Face Maker, an “anti-aging stretcher face sauna”. You wear it for ten minutes a day in the bath or shower and it stretches the skin of your face as the skin sweats through the mask. They say it combats signs of aging. Really? I would have thought stretching the skin on your face for ten minutes each day would be a bad thing, not a good thing. Could be wrong. Check out the related products below the Age-ru. Really love their masks. Check it out Here




This is a good site with a good range of products including weird and wonderful clothes, toys, electronics, outdoor stuff, home stuff and plenty more. A lot of it is cool and geeky but a lot of it is just a bit pointless. Which is the point right?

Website: Fine. Easy to get around
Gender Bias: Well balanced
Great for: Has more geeky clothes than most of these sites.

OddProduct: Introducing ‘The Useless Box Kit’. It’s a little black box with a switch on top. When you flip the switch to ‘On’ a motorised arm pops out of the box and turns the switch off. That’s it. I dunno, it’s so pointless it might just be funny. I’m tipping it’s not going to go viral though. Check it out Here



Well, funky alright. This website just oozes happiness and funkiness and the theme continues to the products which are uniformly odd, funny and quirky. It’s a shame there isn’t more of them, but the quality makes up for the quantity.

Website: Straight forward and easy.
Gender Bias: Balanced
Great for: Quirky. And funky of course.

OddProduct: Has to be the Alien Abduction Lamp. No room would be complete without one. I can see the cow being replaced by a photo of the mother-in-law from time to time. Or the ex or whatever. Very handy. Check it out Here




This is a really nicely laid out website and the product range is not bad, if not as diverse or quirky as the higher rated sites. Plenty of stuff to browse through to find the right gift or for that little bit of something unusual for home.

Website: Easy to browse. Works well. A ‘show all’ products option would be good.
Gender Bias: Balanced
Great for: Novelty gifts, plenty of stuff for home and office, lifestyle and more.

OddProduct: A retro turntable cat post. Let you darling little feline friends scratch this instead of the real thing. Please. Check it out Here




This website has a great range of techno products although they definitely lean towards the mainstream rather than the geekstream. It’s a corporate type of site which is not a bad thing, but it makes it a bit more predictable. A wireless Mustang mouse is good, but it’s getting a bit old hat.

Website: A bit angular but good navigation and everything loads really well
Gender Bias: Male (they have a ‘man cave’ category)
Great for: Tech things, electronics and things for outdoors

OddProduct: The world’s smallest remote control helicopter, confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records no less. Kinda quirky going small instead of big, making it a toy you can treat like a pet and keep inside with you. Check it out Here




This website has a strange url and menu structure so you have to get used to the navigation, but once you do you will find a lot of stuff here across a broad range of categories.

Website: Not great, particularly the navigation.
Gender Bias: Good balance.
Great for: Tech gadgets, mobile phone stuff, toys, ladies make up.

OddProduct: An umbrella in the shape of a WWII German soldiers helmut, complete with camo colouring. Hmmm. Okay if you’re camping out in the woods on a blokes weekend away, otherwise not that useful. Check it out Here




These guys really stock a lot of products, and they’re all good looking products too.

Website: It has a nice, easy to browse category menu. Pretty good.
Gender Bias: Male
Great for: Electronics, computers, cameras, camping, outdoors.

OddProduct: There’s a category called ‘Powerful gadgets’. The sub-categories are ‘Guns’ and ‘Lock pick’. The range of lock pickers is unbelievable. And they offer free shipping for the lock pickers. They really want you to have a lock picker. Surely if you wanted a way of getting into your home if you’d lost your keys you would get a spare key cut and hide that somewhere or leave it with a friend. No, no, no. Carry a lock pick around with you. Oh, and if you need to get into someone else’s house then you’re all set. Note: They add a disclaimer – these products are “intended for professional use only. Usage support cannot be provided due to the product’s nature”. So as long as you’re a professional burglar that’s okay. Check them out Here




The name of the website sets the scene and although it’s an angular and dark site it manages to pull off the whole dude thing very well. Be warned if you’re a female though, this is a male oriented website. Although if you’re looking for a gift for your man then that’s a good thing. Right?

Website: Pretty chunky but easy to navigate, loads fast, no probs.
Gender Bias: Male.
Great for: Weird gifts, things for home, outdoors and cars.

OddProduct: A balloon capsule ride to the edge of space. Whoa. Say no more. Check it out Here

Watch the video.




These guys have an amazing range of way out stuff ranging in price from a few dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. It’s a smorgasbord of geeky and fun things that are updated regularly. They make a point of not listing everything that’s thrown their way so you can be sure of a great selection.

Website: It just keeps on scrolling. Nice to browse.
Gender Bias: Tending Male.
Great for: Unusual gifts, toys, outdoors

OddProduct: A wearable sleeping bag. It’s one of those products that seem so obvious. In fact normal sleeping bags seem weird next to these things. Just have to get one of these. Check them out Here



For cool and quirky it’s hard to go past the ‘Sunflower Bookcase’ chair. Designed by two students at the Shanghai University, it let’s you keep all your favourite magazines and books right by your side… and back, and other side…

Top 10 Websites Selling Geek Gifts


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